Questions about Aerial Photos, Videos and Editing

Q. Where in Hampton Roads are you located?

We're located in Chesapeake.

Many Aerial Photography results/ads on Google say that they're in Hampton Roads, but they are just agencies based in another state.

If you call them, all they do is search Google, and contact the aerial photographers in this area, then pass the job over to them.

Because they are basically a referral source, they either:

  • - add their fees onto what you're charged, or
  • - offer the photographer less - which we reject because it devalues our business.

Either way this is bad for you, as you either pay more than you need to, or you get a 'bargain basement' (inexperienced) pilot.

Q. My friend has a drone, can they shoot my aerial photos and videos?

Not without a license. The FAA has implemented rules, licenses and pilot qualification tests for anyone wanting to fly a drone where payment is involved.

Just like private airplane pilots, UAV pilots have to be aware of local airports/heliports and follow rules for different classes of national airspace.

UAS Pilots also need to follow maintenance schedules, and have an understanding of weather conditions, especially to predict possible safety issues caused by changing weather.

Then there is a liability standpoint

If they were to have an accident, even if they had insurance, the insurance company would likely refuse payment due to reckless behavior and no FAA license.

There are also fines Also, anyone using their drone commercially without having the required qualifications and license is liable to a hefty FAA fine of up to $20,000.

There are also similarly high FAA fines for anyone who hires an unqualified pilot.

Q. What geographical area do you cover?

We are based in Chesapeake, VA, but can travel to anywhere within southeastern Virginia (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News, Sandbridge, etc.)

We also cover northeastern North Carolina (Moyock, Currituck, Outer Banks, Elizabeth City, etc.)

Travel to shoots is free up to either 40 or 60 miles, depending on package.

We do also fly and shoot in other states. If you'd like a quote, please call today.

Q. What weather can a UAS fly in?

From a video standpoint, the calmer and dryer the conditions, the better.

We cannot fly in rain or snow, because electronics don't like moisture. Even if we could, the video would not look good!

We can fly in winds up to 20MPH. Any higher than that and the UAS becomes less stable and harder to control and potentially dangerous. Also, and any video may be shaky.

Q. Why should we use Air Aspects?

There are several reasons:

Over 30 years experience as commercial photography
FAA licensed and insured professional drone pilot
We offer the whole package, including pre-production and post-production
We do not charge for contact time with you, or to travel to the location (within 40 or 60 miles)
We have multiple aircraft for different situations
With a 20+ year strong business background, we understand the 'big picture'

Q. Where can you fly?

We can fly almost anywhere. We can film indoors, outdoors, over water, under and between trees.

However, it may not be possible to fly in cities or congested areas without first obtaining permission (if it is possible) beforehand.

Flying in close proximity to airports can be a challenge. All international airports have a 5-mile radius no fly zone, with a 1 mile zone around local airports. There are also other areas with restricted flight, to check your project's location, please visit Know Before You Fly Map.

We would have to obtain permission from Air Traffic Control and possibly obtain an FAA flight exemption - these take up to 90 days to process.

Q. How long and how far do flights go?

We are able to fly up to 400 feet high, and within line of sight (usually around 1500ft away.) As per FAA regulations, we keep a visual line of sight with the aircraft.

Our batteries average 15 / 18 minutes of flying time. We usually take 3 batteries on a shoot - which can be recharged on location if required.

Q. Do I need to be there for the shoot?

For our basic aerial photography and aerial video packages, you don't HAVE to be there for the shoot.

It is recommended that you attend, if possible, especially if there are any items you wanted to draw attention to.

These can be discussed beforehand if you cannot make it.

For our full package, we would need access to a property for interior photos / videos. Any interior shoots do require an adult to be there for the duration.

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