Aerial Photography for Real Estate, Tourism And More!

Our Aerial Services

Air Aspects provides a wide variety of aerial services for Real Estate, Tourism, Companies, Land Development and Architecture.
We are committed to providing the best possible aerial photography / videography for use in clients marketing, websites, and social media pages.

Real Estate

Air Aspects aerial real estate photos and videos offer a whole new perspective on any property!

Aerial real estate photos can show your property better than any other medium. Incorporating aerial video into a promo video gives a listing an additional 'WOW' factor.

We use the latest UAV (drone) technology to capture your property efficiently in a variety of conditions.

Our services are perfect for anyone selling a home, whether realtors for MLS listings or owners with 'for sale by owner' properties.


Hotels and resorts can offer prospective visitors an interesting aerial viewpoint of their facilities.

Aerial video and photos not only look stunning, but can help patrons obtain a birds eye view insight into the property, grounds and amenities.

Having aerial photographs in hotel or resort brochures and welcome packets offers vistors a real world view of the premises. Much easier to relate to than a drawn map.

Stock Images and Video

If you have a corporate presentation or advertising media, why not add aerial video or photos of your town, your work, or even your office building or school?

Aerial video in a presentation, or at a trade show, can be used as scene fillers between segments of information.

If you have an impressive or different office space, you can showcase it from the air, either in video or photo form. Aerial photos are perfect for brochures, or online social media feeds.

Construction Progress

Aerial photography can provide up-to-date reporting of work site progress.

We can provide aerial images to construction companies through all stages of development.

Aerial photos can assist in the site selection and initial planning phases of construction projects.

Also, once the project begins, we can provide weekly or monthly progress aerial photos *. These can be taken from the same location, for continuity.

* dependent on weather conditions

Photo Retouching and enhancing

If you have an photograph that you feel could look better, such as maybe an old photo of someone important, we can bring that photo back to life with our retouching.

As long as the photo is not too badly damaged, we can scan it at high resolution, make repairs, and then provide the digital copy back to you for printing.

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