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Aerial Photography in Real Estate

Aerial photography has become an increasingly important tool for the real estate industry. It allows real estate professionals to showcase properties in a way that traditional ground-level photography simply cannot match. In this article, we will explore the many ways in which aerial photography can help the real estate business.

Firstly, aerial photography provides a unique perspective that allows potential buyers to see the entire property and its surroundings. This can be especially useful for properties with large plots of land, such as farms, ranches, and estates. Aerial photography can also be used to showcase large commercial properties, such as shopping centers and office buildings, giving potential buyers a sense of the scale of the property.

Additionally, aerial photography can be used to highlight the unique features of a property.

The Benefits of Aerial Photography in Construction

Aerial photography can be a valuable tool in the construction process, providing a unique perspective and valuable information that can help with planning, monitoring progress, and identifying potential issues.

One of the key benefits of aerial photography is that it provides a bird’s eye view of the construction site, allowing for a comprehensive overview of the project. This can be particularly useful for large construction sites, where it can be difficult to get a sense of the overall layout and progress from ground level. Aerial photography can also be useful for identifying potential issues or areas of concern, such as potential obstacles or hazards, that may not be immediately apparent from the ground.


Aerial Photography Projects

Sunny Aeral shoot at a Virginia Beach House
Friday May 26th 2023

Hardy Elementary Construction is coming along well
Friday April 28th 2023

A Virginia Beach aerial shoot of an oyster reef
Wednesday April 05th 2023

Aerial shoot for a vacant lot in Wanchese, North Carolina
Wednesday March 15th 2023

Aerial Photography in Real Estate
Tuesday February 28th 2023

Golf course house aerial shoot in Chesapeake.
Friday February 03rd 2023

Another Virginia Beach Roadway Aerial Shoot
Friday January 20th 2023

The Benefits of Aerial Photography in Construction
Friday December 30th 2022

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