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2021 FAA Drone Rules Paving the Way for Home Deliveries

    In December 2020, the FAA published a new set of proposed drone rules, and while there was a loosening of some rules, some more restrictive rules were added.
    Although not due to be fully implemented until 2023, the new rules come into effect this year.
    There is some loosening of rules, notably for commercial drone pilots ability to fly over people and at night, but there are also more restrictive rules involving a new system called Remote ID - drone tracking measures aimed at addressing security and safety issues raised by drones.

Virginia Beach aerial photos for landscaping

A  Virginia Beach aerial photo shoot for a man who wanted aerial shots for landscaping preview purposes.  using these photos, he can plan out where things will be, including a new shed, and see how they will look from different angles.

Flying in Hampton Roads is not so easy

As I have mentioned before, because of the local airports and military bases, around 60 percent of Hampton Roads is restricted airspace, and so legally you cannot just "take off and get photos".

For example, Oceana’s airspace covers most of Virginia Beach, from the oceanfront to almost Town Center, and a lot of that area is completely restricted (the blocks with ’0’ in them), so you’re not even allowed to take the drone up 5 ft without getting permissions.

Watching Buildings Grow from the Air

Everyone knows that aerial photos can look truly amazing.  Getting that birds-eye view of a property or building from many different heights and angles, you can really sum up the surrounding area and landscape.

While aerial photos and videos have been used in real estate for several years now, one field that had taken a while to embrace them was construction.


Aerial Photography Projects

Virginia Beach Construction Progress Aerial Shoot
Friday July 19th 2024

Suffolk Aerial Farm Land Mapping Project
Sunday June 30th 2024

Aerial Shoot for a Chesapeake Cold Storage facility
Monday June 17th 2024

Suffolk aerial photo shoot for an almost completed hotel
Monday June 03rd 2024

Sunny Suffolk Aerial Construction Shoot
Friday May 17th 2024

Final aerial shoot for a Portsmouth Warehouse
Wednesday May 01st 2024

Suffolk Economic Development Aerial Photos
Friday April 19th 2024

Revisiting a Suffolk Aerial Shoot location
Friday March 15th 2024

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