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Aerial Shoot for a Rental Property in Cape Charles, VA

A beautiful sunny day for a rental house shoot just north of Cape Charles.  This was an interesting shoot because the owner is applying to be a wedding/event location, and needed a visual representation of where things would be in relation to neighbors. 

Aerial Shoot in Currituck, NC

Construction is starting on the Currituck Public Safety Building.  This will be a fun ongoing project, taking regular photos of progress.

Warriors Rest Wounded Warrior Hunt 2019


A visit to Cambridge Maryland to video the 2019 Warriors Rest Waterfowl Hunt. 

It was a great time,  but SO cold thanks to a Canadian arctic blast.  The video was produced from over 12 hrs of footage from 6 cameras, and is for their YouTube channel, and also for their website.

Virginia Beach Aerial Construction Shoot

A sunny day construction aerial shoot for Armada Hoffler, who have 2 projects under construction on 27th St., Virginia Beach.  

This project involved a few more hoops to jump through;  I had to apply for a special 2 year waiver from the FAA, and have to stay in contact with the tower at nearby Oceana Naval Air Station.

Drones as Gifts and What You Need to Know

    It’s that time of year again, and, as in most recent years, drones are sure to be one of the hottest selling items in the stores and online.

    However, before you rush out to get one for yourself or a friend or child, there are some things you need to know about owning drones. 

    1. Where does the owner live - Many larger drones available now have what is called geofencing in them.  Basically they have GPS, and will not fly anywhere there is a no-fly zone in operation.
    If the person you’re buying a drone for lives within 30 miles of Washington DC for example,  they are going to have a tough time trying to fly, even on their own property as the drone may not even power up.


Flying illegally, and what can happen

Accidents do happen, and if you’re flying illegally, you can expect a knock at the door.

A California man ignored the FAA’s drone regulations whilst vacationing in Las Vegas. Not only was he flying in restricted airspace without permission, but he lost control of his drone, drifting away and landing next to an active runway at Las Vegas’ main airport. 

Now he is facing nearly $20,000 in fines from the federal government.

Creating the right Real Estate image

When selling a property, you want it to look its best in photos, regardless of when it may actually sell.

Something that people will notice is if there is an obvious time of year that the photos were taken, and if that time was a while ago, it can create a negative image of the property.


Aerial Photography Projects

Virginia Beach aerial photos for landscaping
Wednesday January 06th 2021

Chesapeake Aerial Photos of Beautiful House
Tuesday December 22nd 2020

Flying in Hampton Roads is not so easy
Tuesday December 15th 2020

Watching Buildings Grow from the Air
Tuesday November 24th 2020

Virginia Beach Aerial Photos of Rental Property Construction
Tuesday November 17th 2020

Chesapeake Aerial Real Estate Photo Shoot
Thursday October 22nd 2020

Virginia Beach Aerial Shoot for Parking Garage
Friday October 16th 2020

Norfolk Aerial Real Estate Shoot
Sunday October 11th 2020

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