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Shh! An aerial present

Super secret shoot for a husbands birthday. This couple had spent 4 years working to create the house of their dreams. The final aerial shot was quite heavily edited, with grass replaced, many items removed, and the horse added in (he/she has come out for a later photo.) This was printed and framed, and presented to the husband for his birthday.

Original photo, leading to the final photo.

Aerial Video - 10 Coach St., Hampton, VA

Aerial video shoot at a beautiful waterfront (canal front) home in Hampton, VA, just a few minutes from the Chesapeake Bay. 
It was a 'what a coincidence' shoot, as I have my boat literally at the marina at the end of their canal.
The weather had been bad for several days, but finally we had a morning when the sun peeked through the clouds just long enough to get done.

Fireworks Fun

Fun evening shoot to capture fireworks at the Chesapeake Jubilee.  Fireworks look really impressive from the air.


Aerial Photography Projects

A new ongoing Suffolk aerial project for Self Storage
Tuesday September 19th 2023

Aerial Shoot of Chesapeake fire scene
Tuesday August 15th 2023

Aerial Photo Shoot of a Norfolk Printers
Wednesday July 19th 2023

Chesapeake Aerial Photo Shoot for New Road Construction
Monday June 19th 2023

Sunny Aeral shoot at a Virginia Beach House
Friday May 26th 2023

Hardy Elementary Construction is coming along well
Friday April 28th 2023

A Virginia Beach aerial shoot of an oyster reef
Wednesday April 05th 2023

Aerial shoot for a vacant lot in Wanchese, North Carolina
Wednesday March 15th 2023

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