Preparing for a Spring Sale

Spring is here, and with it will come many people trying to sell their homes. This is traditionally the time that the market..

Preparing for a Spring Sale
Wednesday February 26th 2020 - 11:07 AM EST

By: Air Aspects

Spring is here, and with it will come many people trying to sell their homes. This is traditionally the time that the market is deluged with new listings.

When potential buyers and realtors are looking over the MLS properties, aerial shots of houses can tell much more about the area around the home.

Rather than simple outside shots of the front and back of the house,  aerial photos can give the buyer a feel for the whole neighborhood. Seeing well kept properties all around their possible future home can create an immediate extra trust in that house.

Photos showing for example nearby water, woodland trails, a golf course, or proximity to interesting places can be invaluable when trying to get a lead on the other houses in the search results.

Aerial photos can also give the viewer an overview, literally, of the property and how it is laid out, whether showing a deck, pool or patio, the viewer can see how things are positioned in relation to eachother. 

They can also enhance selling features, by showing things like the condition of the roof.

Photos from normally unobtainable positions can captivate more people; a shot showing a dock from out over the water will be extra attractive for a boater.

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